The Solution

We have created an innovative solution that integrates the widest variety of devices and systems, consolidating these into one unified and easy-to-use platform. Cordev Automation provides you with a centralized configuration and visualization with easy operability and which undertakes the system-wide automation in conjunction with several systems.

The Convenience

Convenient, economical, focus on quality. Enjoy the comfort while optimizing the economic efficiency and safety of your home/building - from individual boardrooms to the entire building! Bring your building to life! We can offer you a custom, end-to-end solution for many areas of application such as domestic, hotel and gastronomy, entertainment and sport, offices and public buildings, industry and much more.

The People

To ensure that the configuration is as convenient as possible for the user and that all functionality can be managed at any time and from anywhere, our systems use the most innovative, state-of-the-art technology and user-friendly connectivity. We know that building automation can only be successful when it is experienced first hand. Our main focus, therefore, is on people.

The Link

With Cordev Automation imagine having the control of a city/smart grid all from your fingertips, the opportunities are limitless. Integrated central functionality for ease of communication and access from anywhere in the world manage your carbon footprint, change the way you live.


The Future is now

In the home of the future, the front door will ‘talk’ to your smoke alarm, your lights will flash if the fridge door is open, everything will be controlled from one source. At Cordev our vision which shows how almost anything in your house can either be controlled by a mobile, or be linked together electronically.

Other features include a smart lock that unlocks the front door when the home owner is near, smart TV that show notifications and can warn when a child is using the web when they should be asleep and a system that lets you change all the clocks in your home at the touch of a button.

Green Buildings

The rapidly expanding South African market for green buildings represents a significant opportunity for property owners.

At the same time, real estate investors are still in the early stages of integrating green building considerations into their mainstream business roles. The challenges in these early stages should not obscure the overall direction of commercial building markets.

Green buildings are emerging as the new standard in the industry. Real estate investors should assess their exposure, and the exposure of shareholders as well as investors to non-green buildings, which may soon be devalued in the marketplace and trade at a “brown-discount”.

Future Proof

Buildings may be connected to man-made and natural ecosystems, which must work in harmony in order to mitigate environmental impacts of the built environment. One of the ecosystems that will have a significant impact on our ability to deliver buildings that sustain high performance over time is the smart grid. “Smart grid” is a popular name given to the concept of adding communications and data handling infrastructure to the existing electric grid.

The smart grid and smart buildings will play a pivotal role as we move towards eco-districts and smart cities. The electrical network faces many constraints, such as energy demand continuously increasing, ageing infrastructures, lack of capacity, and energy theft in some areas of the world (particularly South Africa). Installations must become more environmentally friendly, and renewable energy sources, though intermittent and unpredictable, must be integrated seamlessly into the grid.

Optimal Efficiency

Building Management Systems are most commonly implemented in large projects with extensive mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems. Systems linked to a BMS typically represent 40% of a building’s energy usage; if lighting is included, this number approaches 70%. BMS systems are a critical component to managing energy demand. Savings of between 20 to 50% can be achieved by managing power consumption through a BMS.


  • Heating and Cooling control systems

    Cordev Automation provides comprehensive overview and seamless management of temperature control systems. Interface small and large plants at the same time. Temperature, humidity and CO2 values, together with readings from specialised air quality control sensors, can be used as input for environmental control systems.
  • Visualisation Customisable User Interface - Interface Design

    Instead of the common layout structure, our layout is making use of HTML5 and SVG. The advantage is that we can offer a completely customised interface in conjunction with your wants, needs and corporate identity.
  • Lighting

    ifferent lighting technologies can be merged into the same control interface, making the usage easy and straightforward even for the most inexperienced users.
  • Video Surveillance systems

    Cordev Automation integrates with modern network based digital video cameras to provide live and recorded images. All the key features of a complete video surveillance system are already in Cordev Automation.
  • Fire Detection and Access controller

    Cordev Automation integrates with fire detection systems from leading manufacturers. The com­plete control panel can be replicated on the Cordev interface. The status of all sensors and alarms can be displayed in a comprehensive view on a graphi­cal map, combined with the information from other security systems, such as anti intrusion, access control, video surveillance, localisation, gas and water leak detection. Cordev is the ideal super­vision tool for large scale projects , thanks to its unparalleled capability to simultaneously control multiple fire detection main units, even from differ­ent manufacturers.
  • Location Services systems

    Real time location systems can identify people and objects and determine their position inside and outside a building or a pre-defined area even in large facilities, where GPS-based technologies are not applicable.
  • Access Control

    Cordev offers a complete user interface for the management of Access Control functionalities. Access areas, users, timetables can be configured and modified from a user friendly page. Badges can be authorised or de-authorised. All of this locally or from remote access.
  • Anti Intrusion systems

    Thanks to the Cordev integration engine, complex and sophisticated security systems can be implemented by combining the functionalities of state-of-the-art anti intrusion, access control, fire/gas/water alarms, localisation and video surveillance systems with field automation, networking and telephony.
  • Energy Management

    When an integrated control system is installed, all energy resources in a building are automatically used in a more efficient way. Even in simple implementations, the possibility of differentiated control of the heating and cooling systems by room or area
  • Home Theater

    Cordev Automation supports the logic needed to control multiple audio and video devices in a media room or home theater set up with different sources, thus combining IR controlled devices with the ones directly managed over the local network or via RS-232.
  • Multi-Room Audio

    A multi-room music system is a combination of connected devices that distribute music from several sources to different areas of a house or a building. Local zones can be controlled independently one from each other.
  • 3rd Party Integration

    ordev Automation supports 3rd party integration such as integrating into ERP systems, hotel booking systems, hotel management systems, property management systems, electricity rate systems, Point Of Sales. Any system that supports open standards from large ERP systems to your personal website.
  • Voice over IP integration and control

    Cordev Automation can be interfaced with VoIP telephone systems. This integration leads the way to many innovative applications, particularly on VoIP phones
  • Operational database storage

    Cordev is the perfect tool to collect operational data and field readings. All data are stored in the Cordev database, and automatically backed up.
  • Charts and Diagrams

    The Cordev DATA LOGGER includes many useful tools for data presentation, analysis and building optimisation




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How did we get here

Automation History

A short visualization of the history of building and home automation.